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Find a Certified Moving Consultant What is a CMC?
A salesperson who is a "CMC" is someone who has received a Certified Moving Consultant credential. The CMC credential has come to represent a fundamental competency and adherence to ethical conduct of the sales force for the Household Goods Moving & Storage Industry. In dealing with a CMC while planning your move, you can be assured that you are working with a knowledgeable sales consultant who is committed to providing excellent and fair service.

How do salespeople become Certified Moving Consultants? Salespeople in the Household Goods Moving & Storage Industry must go through an application process to become a Certified Moving Consultant. Once they apply to the program, they must sign a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and pass a certification exam to become a CMC. Once they have passed the exam, each CMC must pay annual dues and go through a recertification process to maintain their CMC status.

How do I know if my salesperson is a CMC?
The first step is to check the list posted on
this site. This list is updated every two weeks. The next step is to ask to see your salesperson's credentials. If your salesperson advertises as a CMC and is not on this list, ask to see their membership card and make sure it has the current year on it and that it is issued by the American Moving and Storage Association. It is always a good idea to ask your salesperson for their credentials, even if you found their name on our list. If your salesperson is NOT a CMC he/she cannot be held accountable to the CMC Code of Ethics and Professional Practices.

What if my salesperson claims to be a CMC and cannot produce any credentials to verify?
If your saleperson is not on our list and cannot produce any credentials to verify their status, please contact us. Please be prepared to provide us with the salesperson's name, the company's name and a contact phone number.
NOTE: It is always a good idea to ensure the company you are considering to relocate your personal belongings is a member of AMSA. If they are a member, they are required to participate in our Arbitration program. To check on the membership status of a moving company, please contact us.

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